Celebrations are great times for family portraits. Do it before the guests get there!

Family get-togethers and celebrations are excellent times for family portraits.  Patricia’s family gathered in Maryland a few weeks ago to celebrate their matriarch’s 90th birthday.

An hour or so before the celebration began  and before any guests arrived, the photo session took.  Scheduling the session prior to the party allowed plenty of time for a good variety of images which would have been more difficult to capture during the party.

Having a good looking, friendly family also helped.

Happy 90th Birthday!

Maryland family portrait at matriarch's 90th birthday

90 year old Family Matriarch smiling

90 year old grandmother and grandson at 90th Birthday celebration in Maryland - Washington DC

mother with long beautiful hair and her young daughter hugging

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Old pictures can be new treasures. Photography gems.

5 siblings from the 1950s

We all have pictures that we haven’t seen in years – wonderful pictures tucked away in boxes or plastic sleeves – out of sight – out of mind – aging.

The other day when I was looking for a new picture for my Face Book profile I came upon an old picture of me and some of my brothers and sisters.  There are 8 of us and 5 of us are in the picture.  The picture was not in the best condition but with the help of Photoshop it became almost new again. I like the way the photographer posed us and the old style clothes we were wearing.

I would encourage folks to take the time to go through boxes of pictures presently stored away and you might be surprised at what treasures you have.

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Said he didn’t like taking pictures. First photo shoot.

Model:  Eric A.

An unplanned photo shoot sometimes can turn out to be one of the best.  I met and photographed Eric on the same day.  He had accompanied a friend on a photo shoot. At first he said he was not interested in taking pictures   Later I found him to be open and relaxed and he took some great pictures.   I think he is going to pursue modeling.

head shot black male smiling

black male with cap tattoos and arms crossed
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Fred D. Gray outstanding minister as well as noted civil rights attorney

Minister - Attorney Fred D. Gray

Minister and attorney Fred D. Gray

Graylon Freeman and Fred D. Gray at 13th Street Church of Christ Washington DC

Ministers Graylon Freeman and Fred D. Gray

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to photograph noted civil rights attorney Fred D. Gray.  He was in Washington, DC to attend the funeral of his sister Pearl Gray Daniels, a retired educator and member of the church where I attended for a number of years.

Well known for having been the attorney for Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Freedom Riders and more, Brother Gray is just as well-known by many in the Church of Christ as being an outstanding minister.  He served as minister for the Holt Street Church of Christ in Montgomery, AL and other congregations at the same time he was making history as an attorney.

I am a photographer and when I learned that he was going to deliver the eulogy I made sure to bring a camera.  I did not bring a flash or accessories as I was not sure if I would be able to take any pictures and I wanted to be discrete.  After the service I asked him for permission to take his picture and he was very gracious.  Next I took a picture of him and the minister – G. A. Freeman.  Then to my total delight I was asked to take a picture of his family.  I did so and it came out ok but I am still wishing I had taken my flash.

I will treasure this picture of Fred Gray and I hope that we are passing along to our children the history of outstanding contributions to both our country and our churches by people like minister and attorney Fred D. Gray.

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Richmond, VA model Darryl Miles in portfolio shoot.

Another photo shoot with Darryl Miles – model from Richmond, VA.  Working on an alter ego project next.  Stay tuned.

Makeup by Vernita Dawkins.

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Model Darryl Miles in blue shirt and jeans

Model Darryl Miles in brown suit

Darryl in suit tie

Model Darryl in gray athletic shirt